“Under Promise and Over Deliver”

That’s more than our motto…those are the words we work by everyday.


Our Passion to IMPROVE and REVITALIZE PROPERTIES is Contagious!


Taking tired houses and transforming them into desirable living spaces is our mission.  Whether it’s a single room or entire house, our passion to improve and revitalize properties and  it is contagious.  This makes the entire process very exciting for home owners.


What we are not

Pittsburgh real estate agents – We buy Pittsburgh area homes, we renovate and rehab Pittsburgh homes, and we sell Pittsburgh homes, but we are not real estate agents.  Our company owns the properties that we rehab.  We take great pride in our product.  We provide the highest quality rehabs in the Pittsburgh area.

Pittsburgh home builders – We do everything that any Pittsburgh home builder does, we build roofs, walls, and floors, we install new plumbing, we run new electrical service throughout houses, we install new heating and air conditioning systems, but we do not build homes.

Pittsburgh new construction – We transform old out of date houses into modern up to date houses, but we do not do new construction in the Pittsburgh area.

New homes Pittsburgh – Our homes are reconstructed from head to toe, but technically, they are not new Pittsburgh homes.  They just look new.

Pittsburgh wholesalers – Wholesalers are real estate investors who buy cheap property and sell it at a slight markup to secondary investors of Pittsburgh home buyers.   Wholesalers buy houses just like we do, but they don’t go through the extensive rehab and repair process that Noble Rehabbers does.


Home Expo 2016

Thanks to all who braved the snowy Pittsburgh weekend  and stopped by the Remodeling Expo to check us out.


When you are ready to begin your Kitchen, Bathroom, or whole house remodel, Contact Us.